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Joe Buck once called a Brett Favre touchdown while peeing in a trash can

It happens.

NFL on Fox Press Conference

I’m still in the dark about how the host on the NFL RedZone channel goes to the bathroom during eight hours of commercial-free football on Sundays. One option is maybe to do what Fox announcer Joe Buck did once in 1994, pee in a trash can ... while calling the game. He recounted the story on the NFL Network’s Dave Dameshek Football Program.

That was Buck’s first year in the booth for Fox. They were in Milwaukee for a Packers game there during the regular season and, as Buck described it, the first half just would not end. And his bladder wasn’t giving him any breaks.

Someone handed him a water bottle, but that wasn’t going to do it. Instead, he found a trash can, with a bag in it and gets ready to go, but then stage fright hits (hey, I can empathize, stage fright is why I quit going to concerts in my 20s).

Buck’s pipes finally thaw out, seconds before the game starts. There’s no stopping it at that point. Unfortunately, there’s no stopping Brett Favre either. The Packers quarterback threw a touchdown on the first play back from the break. Buck called it while peeing in the trash can.