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The Warriors put on a basketball clinic with this beautiful 5-pass sequence

What teamwork!

Wednesday’s impressive Warriors performance against the Clippers was fueled by their defense, but let’s stop and marvel at this passing sequence for a moment.

In eight seconds, the Warriors threw five passes without dribbling once. Those five passes:

  • A lead pass from Klay Thompson to Zaza Pachulia going towards the basket.
  • A bounce pass from Pachulia back to Thompson cutting from the elbow to the paint.
  • An immediate drop-off pass from Thompson to Draymond Green. Normally, this results in a dunk. Not with the Warriors.
  • A wrap-around bounce pass from Green -- around both Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan — back to Pachulia.
  • An instantaneous touch pass from Pachulia to Kevin Durant for a wide-open three.

The Warriors may have just broken basketball. Coaches will be showing this sequence to their teams for the next generation. This is teamwork.