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Raiders vs. Chiefs 2016: The field is frozen at Arrowhead Stadium

The heaters are on and the grounds crew is trying to thaw it out before Thursday night’s game.

Temperatures dropped to the low teens in Kansas City overnight on Wednesday, and it’s going to be just as cold on Thursday night when the Chiefs host the Raiders for an AFC West showdown. Not to worry, though, the field at Arrowhead Stadium has heaters installed underneath it. Everything should be fine, right?

Well, not quite.

Grounds crews unfurled a tarp over the field overnight on Wednesday only to find a little surprise waiting Thursday morning. A layer of ice formed on the field between the tarp and the turf.


The Arrowhead crews are trying to take care of it before it causes problems for the field conditions ahead of Thursday night’s game. The heaters are on and cranking. It’s working, apparently.

The high temperature in Kansas City is expected to reach 28 degrees, so the turf will need a little extra help from those heaters.

As usual with the Chiefs home field, the game is expected to be sold out. If only they could add heated seats ...