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Nick Lachey and Anne Burrell form potent 1-2 trivia punch

Nick Lachey and Anne Burrell join SB Nation for a round of Answer the Question to show off their knowledge of geography, music, movies, and more.

It may forever go unsolved whether snacks were served at the first Super Bowl, but by now the two go hand in hand. That's why we were ever so lucky to have Anne Burrell and Nick Lachey join us as they represented the PepsiCo Game Day Grub Match, which has student chefs team up to "Party with a Purpose," creating fresh dishes that raise money to support food backs throughout the United States. The finalists included a pulled pork egg roll topped with crumbled Cheetos as well as an Asian style wing marinated in Sierra Mist — both of which we can say with good authority were phenomenal.

Finding fame through 98°, Lachey has been a pop culture icon through multiple decades, while Chef Burrell is a personal favorite of Jerry Rice who dropped by to introduce himself beforehand, but do they have what it takes to face each other in the brain twisting, the intimidating, the Super Bowl showdown that is Answer The Question?