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NBA All-Star Game 2016 roster preview: This is all about Kobe Bryant

The Mamba makes his 18th and final All-Star appearance. Here's who will join him.

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In a field of stars in their prime, 37-year-old future Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant will be the center of attention at the NBA All-Star Game in Toronto. The 18-time All-Star, who's seven years older than his next-oldest teammate, is set to make his final appearance in a game that parades the league's best.

MVP-favorite Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard will join Bryant in a starting lineup which doesn't include a true power forward or center.

Though it's always tough to guess who might go off in a game featuring elite players, the West may have an advantage over the East based on familiarity. The 12-man roster comes from just seven teams. Dwyane Wade/Chris Bosh and Paul Millsap/Al Horford are the only pairs of teammates from the East.

Below is the roster for the Western Conference All-Stars.


Stephen Curry, Warriors, G: The All-Star Game is 48 minutes of toying around, shooting ridiculous shots and raining threes. Curry's regular season has been much of the same, as he's averaging nearly 30 points per game and is on pace to break his own 3-point shots made record by 100. Can the league's reigning MVP top regular-season highlights like this or this or this or even this?

Russell Westbrook, Thunder, G: Though he may never be a deep-ball threat, Westbrook can do anything else on the court. With strength, athleticism and superior court vision, Westbrook is averaging a double-double with 24 points and 10 assists per game. Along with Kevin Durant, Westbrook is leading the Thunder to a 40-14 record, an impressive mid-season mark that would place first in the East. Unfortunately, it's been overshadowed by the Spurs and Warriors.

Kobe Bryant, Lakers, G: Kobe's 18th and final All-Star showing comes amid a season of expected disappointment. L.A. is dead last in the West, so Lakers fans are on a quest to land the No. 1 pick in this summer's draft and take Ben Simmons. Bryant has shown sporadic signs of life, but his numbers are way down across the board. It was his past, not his present, that landed him a starting spot in Toronto.

Kawhi Leonard, Spurs, F: Leonard could finish a distant second in MVP voting this season. He's the Spurs' defensive anchor and is leading the league in three-point shooting at 48.2 percent. The fifth-year player will start in his first All-Star appearance. Maybe he'll actually show a little emotion.

Kevin Durant, Thunder, F: Durant is inching his way closer to another 50/40/90 season in leading the Thunder to the league's third-best record. When he's played more than 30 minutes in an All-Star Game, he's scored 34, 36, 30 and 38 points. Will coach Gregg Popovich attempt to tire one of his team's top competitors?


Draymond Green, Warriors, F: The league's leader with 10 triple-doubles has become the hybrid big man prototype every general manager seeks. As a player that can guard big men and keep up with smaller players, Green is almost as valuable to the 48-4 Warriors' as Curry. Green is averaging career-highs in points (14.2), assists (7.2) and rebounds (9.5).

James Harden, Rockets, G: The beard stands strong, but his team does not. The Rockets have fallen out of the playoff picture at 27-28 and are rumored to be shopping fellow franchise cornerstone Dwight Howard. Houston has the sixth-worst defensive rating in the league and is surviving solely on Harden scoring ability. Maybe the break kicks his teammates back into shape.

Chris Paul, Clippers, G: No Blake Griffin, no problem. In his absence, Paul is averaging 21 points, 10 assists and two steals per game while leading the Clippers to 18 wins in their last 23 games. Paul is proving he can lead a team no matter the ingredients.

Klay Thompson, Warriors, G: He's had a slight drop-off from last season, but it hasn't mattered for the Warriors. Thompson is still firing at 42 percent from deep and scoring 21.3 points per game, so his spot is deserved. He should be ready to launch on Sunday.

Anthony Davis, Pelicans, F/C: The Pelicans were expected to build on last year's playoff appearance, but instead they've had a strange year. Davis was a preseason MVP candidate, but his numbers have decreased and his effort has been inconsistent. Scoring 23.4 points and grabbing 10 rebounds per game in a throw-away season is still pretty good, though.

DeMarcus Cousins, Kings, F/C: The Kings' big man has put up big numbers despite a series of ongoing distractions. The Kings are still in the playoff race behind Cousins' career-best 27 points per game, and he is thriving alongside new teammate Rajon Rondo.

LaMarcus Aldridge, Spurs, F: Aldridge is finding his role in his first year in San Antonio. His touches are down, but he's still averaging 17 and 8 and his shooting percentage is way up. Aldridge will have his first shot at a ring if the Spurs can find a way to stop the Warriors.

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