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NBA scores 2016: West runs East of the gym in record setting All-Star Game

Russell Westbrook won his second consecutive All-Star Game MVP award as the West dominated the East, 196-173.

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

The Western Conference dismantled the Eastern Conference in a record-setting offensive barrage, 196-173, in Toronto on Valentine's Day. The 196 points by the West was an NBA All-Star Game record, and the teams' combined point total of 369 set a record, too.

Russell Westbrook had 31 points, eight rebounds, five assists and five steals to lead the West on his way to his second All-Star Game MVP in a row. Anthony Davis had 24 points on 12-of-13 shooting and added six rebounds and Chris Paul had 16 assists.

Paul George led the East with 41 points in a losing effort, just missing Wilt Chamberlain's record of 42 points he set back in 1962. He did set the record for most threes made with nine.

Like in nearly every All-Star game, defense was hard to come by. No team had scored 90 or more points in a half in All-Star Game history, but with the West leading 92-90, both teams did so in the first half.

The scoring never slowed. The West came out rolling in the third, built up a 121-104 lead and never took the foot off the gas pedal. They kept pouring it on, building up an insurmountable lead on their way to a lopsided win.

In Kobe Bryant's final All-Star appearance, he had 10  points, seven assists and six rebounds. He had a blast on the court, and looked like he was going to give fans one more glimpse of his greatness.

3 other things we learned

The Kobe Bryant Farewell Tour stop at the All-Star Game was nice because it was subdued.

Bryant was the focus of not one, but two, montages before tipoff. It wasn't over aggrandizing, however -- both were fairly short and paid tribute to the 18-time All-Star who so often brought his A-game to the weekend. He had a few moments on Sunday night, but he let the league's new stars decide the game on the court. He didn't take himself too seriously -- and neither did LeBron James.

LeBron guarding Kobe

Bryant isn't the athlete he used to be, but that doesn't mean he won't be missed. The Toronto crowd let him know it with a standing ovation as he left the court for the final time. It was a fitting ending for one of the game's greats.

Paul George wanted that MVP award, but Gregg Popovich didn't want him breaking any records.

George was on the attack offensively all night, looking for his shot whenever he had an opportunity. Not that this was a bad thing, he set an All-Star Game record by nailing nine threes and shot 16-of-26 from the field. He had 32 points through three quarters and went on to score 41 points -- which was only one point shy of the record. He might have gotten the record if Popovich didn't decide to sic Draymond Green on George in the final stretch of the game.

It was George's first All-Star Game appearance since breaking his leg prior to the 2014-15 season. It's hard to remember that he did miss nearly all of last season. He's looked like his old self this year, averaging 23.3 points, 7.1 rebounds and four assists per game as he's led the Pacers to a 28-25 record -- good enough for sixth in the East at the All-Star break. While he didn't get an MVP award or a Wilt Chamberlain record, he proved once again he's back and better than ever after his scary injury.

Toronto put on a show. Sting did not.

Saturday night's dunk contest might have stolen the show, but it was a fantastic All-Star Weekend in Toronto all around. Not only did Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon put on a dunk contest for the ages, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry had a great duel in the three-point shooting contest, and big man Karl-Anthony Towns beat Isaiah Thomas in the skills competition. The rookies and sophomores -- minus Boban Marjanovic -- proved the league is in a good spot with LaVine taking home MVP honors in that game. Sunday night turned into a blowout, but with Bryant's goodbye and astounding dunks on repeat, there wasn't much to complain about.

Well, there was Sting. He played some songs.

Play of the night

Chris Paul and Anthony Davis had amazing nights. This play shows off Davis' freakish athletic ability more than anything else -- how the heck does he grab the ball so far back? -- but it shows Paul doing what he always does: he's setting up a teammate for a monster bucket.

5 fun things

Gregg Popovich wasn't impressed by the lack of defense on display.

Michael Jordan's retirement gift to Kobe Bryant? Every Jordan sneaker.

Chris Paul's son picked Kobe's pocket.

NBA All-Star karaoke is the best.

The best dunk of the night came during a timeout from on-court entertainment.


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