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Westminster Best in Show dog 2016: CJ the German Shorthaired Pointer wins

The 2016 Westminster Dog Show came to a close on Tuesday night when CJ, the German Shorthaired Pointer, was announced as the Best in Show winner. The 3-year-old CJ won the Sporting group on Tuesday before taking home the ultimate prize.

More than 3,000 dogs participated in the event. The contestants were narrowed down to breed winners, then narrowed even further by group winners. That left just seven dogs left for the Best in Show prize. The final seven were the Borzoi from the Hound group, A Shih Tzu from the Toy group, an English Bulldog from the Non-Sporting group, a German Shepherd from the Herding group, A German Shorthaired Pointer from the Sporting group, a Samoyed from the Working group and a Skye Terrier from the Terrier group.

There were several fan favorites among the seven group winners. Annabelle the English Bulldog and Rumor the German Shepherd were heavy favorites among the crowd at Madison Square Garden. Charlie the Skye Terrier had the most experience in the Best in Show competition, having been the runner up last year to Miss P the 15" Beagle. Lucy the Borzoi took home the runner up honor this year behind CJ.