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Pretty Good, episode 6: The Dumbest Boy Alive

In 2008, there was an argument on a message board. It was closed two days later. Since then, it has been viewed more than three million times. It is perhaps the dumbest argument in the history of the Internet.

Above is the sixth episode of Pretty Good. Pretty Good is a documentary series about stories that are pretty good. It is written, produced, edited, and narrated by Jon Bois.

This episode is about a message board from 2008. You can see it here. It was unearthed on Reddit in 2015. By the way, a quick note: you may notice that throughout the course of the thread, certain posters seem to have multiple screen names (for example, early on in the thread, "TheJosh" is displayed as "m1ndless"). I'm not sure why this is, but it's probably because of computer internet computer database computer things.

Last month on Pretty Good: A story about the New Orleans Saints, and the sort of bad luck that only comes around every 15 centuries or so.