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Pablo Sandoval probably isn't in the best shape of his life

Monday's Say Hey, baseball talks about Pablo Sandoval showing up to camp a bit heavier than the Red Sox wanted him to. Plus, the Orioles may be close to making yet another free agent signing.

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It's mid-February, which means that we're currently in the midst of "The Best Shape of His Life" season. You know how this goes -- with pitchers, catchers and early birds who aren't pitchers or catchers reporting to spring training, we're hearing stories about how guys are reporting to camp slim, trim and looking like the picture of health as they get ready for another season. These stories are basically the equivalent of flowers blooming during March, so imagine the shock when one of those flowers actually turns out to be a dud and someone doesn't show up to camp in The Best Shape of Their Life.

This appears to be the case with Pablo Sandoval of the Boston Red Sox, who is not in The Best Shape of His Life. Reportedly, Red Sox officials wanted Sandoval to show up to camp a little lighter. Well, Sandoval reported to camp on Sunday and he looked like the Sandoval we all know and love. That's to say that he probably didn't lose weight over the offseason, and if he did, it was pretty negligible.

Full disclosure -- "fat" athletes in sports are one of the best things about sports in general. It's fantastic watching portly people pull off amazing feats of athleticism because it goes against everything we've been trained to accept as a society when it comes to this sort of thing. With that being said, it might have been in Pablo Sandoval's best interests to trim down a bit. Granted, he'll probably never be slim, but showing up to camp a little lighter would've gone a long way in showing that he's ready to bounce back from what was an awful 2015 season for the Panda. Instead, 2016 is already off to a rocky start, and the Red Sox definitely don't need that if they plan on contending in what may be an extremely competitive AL East this season.


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