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'Survivor: Kaoh Rong' episode 2 recap: Scot Pollard's poor shooting dooms his tribe

This week's Survivor: Kaoh Rong had it all: Bleeding feet, immunity idols, fish kisses, poor shooting and the most cringe-worthy tribal council we've seen in years. Soaring above it all is Scot Pollard -- leader of what could be the worst Survivor tribe of all time.

Brawn knew they needed fire after their return from Tribal Council. These lovable lugheads were still the only tribe without any fire, which also meant no food and no water. It turns out that things like food and water and important when your edge is physicality.

Alecia and Jenny set to work with their newly earned flint and struggled.


The night closed with no embers, embryos or fire. Bad night.

Pollard is not a bad Survivor player. In fact, he's quite good. He quickly cemented himself as the big dog, everyone likes him and he pegged a perfectly unlikable dude to be his second-in-command so when people do start gunning they'll take him out first. That said, Scot still can't shoot from deep and it hurt his tribe in episode two.

The challenge was to carry a log through a series of obstacles, untie a rope around the log and use a slingshot to shoot a ball at two targets. Be the first to hit two and you win immunity and a deluxe fishing kit, second and you get immunity and a basic fishing kit, third ... well, you vote someone off.

It seemed natural to put Scot in the role of shooter, at least to the Brawn tribe. The only problem was that they never looked at Pollard's Basketball Reference page. In his 11-year NBA career he never hit a single three-pointer and only attempted two. It led to this:

scot shot

This was the most physical challenge yet, with an accuracy-based shooting challenge at the end. The team of strong people with a former NBA Champion couldn't win. This tribe sucks.

The Tai minute ...

Tai remains the best player in Survivor history and he needs his due. Scot Pollard's journey is important but it's Tai who has stolen my heart.

Tai got discovered trying to find the hidden immunity idol in episode one, which has him feeling nervous. Couple this with Tai's natural confusion why he's on the Beauty tribe it's somehow making Tai even cooler. Back him into a corner and he'll strike.

So, you just got discovered trying to find the immunity idol and made people suspicious. Now, if ever, is when you need to lay low and let it all blow over. What does Tai do? Well, HE'S GOING TO TRY AND FIND THE HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL AGAIN.

Tai digs up a red ant nest instead.

This was a small setback in his journey. Before long Tai finds the immunity idol -- or so he thinks. It's actually a clue telling him to retrieve the key from the top of a tree to unlock a box that holds the idol. Worried that he's been gone too long, Tai is torn. Instead of using the supplied tool to try and retrieve the key he decides to climb the tree himself.

foot blood

Crushed, Tai realizes that the tree is too high and abandons his quest ... for now.

The only thing that is making Beauty watchable right now is Tai, and by extension Tai's interactions with Caleb. This time it was arguing over whether a hornet should be killed (Tai did not want the hornet killed), and a challenge at eating fish eyeballs (which Tai won). These two are like oil and water, but they some how keep emulsifying. It's beautiful.

The weirdest tribal council ever

This should have been simple. It should have been easy. Brawn finds a way to screw up the simplest and easiest of tings. There are five people left on their tribe. Four of them are in an alliance. Alecia is not, and everyone generally dislikes her.

Do you:

A. Vote Alecia out easily?
B. Try to double-cross someone in the alliance?
C. Say you're going to double-cross someone, get cold feet, become wishy-washy, vacillate on it all day THEN when it comes time to go to tribal council you say things are "up in the air," make your alliance distrust you, throw your double-cross partner under the bus and start freaking out?

If you guessed "C," you're right! Oh Jenny, poor, poor Jenny. Why did you try this, Jenny. It was such a bad idea.

scot faces

Jenny got voted out, Scot smiled and Brawn can now return to being terrible at everything.