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Stephen Curry makes a 3-pointer for NBA-record 128th straight game

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Curry broke Kyle Korver's record.

By hitting a three-point shot with 5:45 left in the first quarter against the Orlando Magic on Thursday, Stephen Curry broke Kyle Korver's NBA record for consecutive games with a three-point field goal. Curry has made a three in 128 consecutive games, passing Korver's record of 127.

Curry's streak started back in 2014-15 season a game after ending a 75-game streak. He's made a three in 203 of his last 204 games. Aside from Curry and Korver, no other player has made a three in more than 89 consecutive games.

Curry wants all of the three-point shooting records. He's on pace for yet another this season -- as long as he continues his current pace, he'll break his own record for threes in a season soon. He made 286 last season, but had 266 heading into Thursday's game.