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Limited Upside, Episode 23: How much do we believe in the Raptors?

CBS Sports' James Herbert joins the show to discuss the staying power of the Eastern Conference's second-best team.

It's time for some talk about the East's second-best team. CBS Sports' James Herbert joins the show to talk about the Raptors as they prepare for the biggest game of their season. Among the topics discussed:

  • Is this team for real, or will the ghosts of past playoff flameouts show up again in April and May?
  • What makes Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan such a great duo?
  • Is re-signing DeRozan to a max contract a slam dunk decision? (Pun intended)
  • Toronto's starting lineup is struggling, but its bench is dominating. Is it time to change the starting lineup?
  • Can they actually compete with Cleveland in a hypothetical playoff series?
We also discuss the oddly-polarizing Hassan Whiteside and briefly dive into the odd situation the Miami Heat currently face.

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