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Donald Trump flip-flops Super Bowl pick after Jeb Bush claims Peyton Manning

Trump had picked Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos as recently as a week ago.

It's presidential primary season. If you've somehow managed to miss all eight (!) of the televised Republican debates to date, you've already saved more time than it would've taken to watch all of Netflix's Making a Murderer.

If you did happen to tune in to Saturday's latest chapter in a near endless marathon of talking points and appeals to voters, this one leading up to Tuesday's New Hampshire primaries, you caught the GOP presidential candidates being put on the spot and asked to pick a winner for Super Bowl 50.

The responses were perhaps even better than you'd expect, with a terse Donald Trump answer delivering and then some:

Ohio governor John Kasich: "Carolina's gonna win that one. I hate to say it, but they're going to win that one."

Though he attended The Ohio State University, Kasich famously roots for the Pittsburgh Steelers after having grown up in a small industrial town outside Pittsburgh. You'd think he'd be cheering against the team that eliminated Pittsburgh in the Divisional Round, but alas not.

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush: "Peyton Manning's supporting me and I'm for Denver."

Manning is known to have contributed the maximum allowed $2700 to Bush's presidential campaign.

Florida senator Marco Rubio: "Well I was going for Peyton Manning but now I'm rooting for Carolina."

With Bush and Rubio somewhat famed political rivals, the senator isn't messing around with his level of calculated pettiness.

Donald Trump: "Carolina."

Never one to be upstaged, Trump too elected to pick against Manning and Denver after Jeb claimed Manning's endorsement. A week ago Trump said he was picking "very, very good guy" Peyton Manning and Denver. Trump is a noted hater of "losers" and with Carolina as much as 6-point favorites, perhaps he simply wanted to get the taste of losing the Iowa caucus to Ted Cruz out of his mouth and get back to his winning ways.

Texas senator Ted Cruz: "With an eye to February 20th ['s South Carolina primary], Carolina."

The Panthers' NFL expansion bid was in part the result of lobbying efforts from senators and governors from both Carolinas. Cruz knows that primary could be pivotal for his campaign and isn't afraid to strategically pander.

Dr. Ben Carson: "With one-hundred percent certainty I will predict the winner: It will be either Denver or Carolina."

A reminder that in just 2013, Carson was a practicing brain surgeon.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie would go on to buck the trend and join Bush in endorsing Denver. Colorado's GOP caucus isn't until Mar. 1, but a November poll showed Christie had just 1% of the total support there.