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A 6'9, 410-pounder scored the biggest touchdown of all time for Team USA vs. Canada

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

In September, we wrote about John Krahn, a high schooler believed by many to be the largest football player of all time. He's reported to be seven feet tall and 440 pounds, although he's officially listed at a downright puny 6'9, 410. He's been eating 3,000 calories a day ... to cut weight.

This past week, Krahn participated in the International Bowl, an annual showcase for high school players that pits American national teams against Canadian national teams. With the USA U-18 Select team up big on a U-18 team representing Ontario, the brilliant genius in charge of Team USA decided to give Krahn the ball, allowing him to score the largest touchdown of all time.

Just listen to the sheer joy in the announcers' voices as they realize that Krahn is, in fact, going to carry the ball. They're downright giddy.

Team USA lined up in a swinging gate formation, meaning Krahn just had a few blockers in front of him. It didn't really matter. With what looks like a foot and 150 pounds on the Canadian linemen trying to stop him, Krahn powered into the end zone after two tries. It was the last touchdown of a 34-3 win, and according to Krahn, the first touchdown of his career.

Let's watch it from the perspective of the guys trying to tackle him. I WOULD BE SCARED.

Krahn is so big that it takes a team to help him put his jersey on.

Even if we use his smaller weight, Krahn still cracks 400 pounds. The largest person ever to score a touchdown in an NFL game was Dontari Poe, who was only 346 pounds. The winner of the inaugural Piesman Trophy, Southeastern Louisiana's Ashton Henderson, is a mere 320 pounds. Baylor's Laquan McGowan has scored several touchdowns, and also weighs 410 pounds like Krahn, but Krahn is two inches taller than him. Therefore, we have reason to believe Krahn is the largest touchdown scorer at any level of football. The fact that it happened for Team USA just makes it more beautiful.

Perhaps Krahn can win the Piesman next year! He'll be playing his college ball at Riverside Community College in southern California.

Although you might not have heard of the International Bowl, the games held in AT&T Stadium can be a launching pad for elite high school prospects. Past participants include NFL-ers Jameis Winston and David Wilson; this year's U-19 National Team included 5-star Georgia signee Mecole Hardman, Ohio State QB commit Dwayne Haskins, and Oregon QB commit Tristen Wallace.