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Remember the time Donald Trump picked teams for a major English soccer tournament?

Trump once helped select teams for the quarterfinals of a big English soccer tournament live from Trump Tower. Really.

Not familiar with the League Cup in England? It's a pretty big deal in the soccer world. Absolutely first class. Fabulous. If you saw it, you'd love it.

Arguably no one has done more for the game's growth in the United States than Donald Trump. Just no one. And really, he's happy to have done it.

American football? It's a fine game. Trump likes football. He knows it. His family grew up watching it. Baseball? It's weak. Boring. Not nearly as exciting as soccer. Soccer? It needs strong leadership, but Donald Trump can bring credibility. Golf? It's phenomenal. He's played over 200 world-class courses around the globe. Just an outstanding game. Like soccer.

Manchester United? They're great. Tremendous, top-notch organization. Like the many Trump himself has built in business. When Donald Trump is the commissioner of soccer, every team will be united; no more dividedness. If he can be honest with you, and he hopes he can, soccer has a problem. A big problem. It's lost its way. There's too much 'me' and not enough us. Bad!

With Donald Trump, soccer can be the football of the United States. I mean, really. It's excellent. And it's exciting. "I played it in high school," he says. He knows the game. He loves it. And you'll love it, too.

Donald Trump will make soccer great again.