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Paul Pogba got a Pokemon themed haircut. Just give him the Ballon d'Or now

He wants to be the very best, like no one ever was.

Paul Pogba is pretty much the greatest.

Routinely turning soccer pitches into his very own canvas, it's only natural for Pogba's hair to become an extension of his magical powers.

Having already previously gotten a dabbing emoji shaved into his head along with the word 'DAB', the 22-year old superstar has now elected to take his "training" to the next level:

Pogba's excellence knows no limits. Whether he leads the French to a European championship this summer in his native France or makes a high profile nine-figure move to a global soccer presence like Barcelona, Real Madrid, or Manchester City, it's safe to assume the member of FIFPro's 2015 World XI, an all-star team honoring the best 11 players in the world as voted on by his peers, will continue to bring it, both on the side of his head and on the field alike.

Your move, American football's Bobby Wagner and Richard Sherman.

(H/T to our friends at Dirty South Soccer for bringing this to our attention)