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Limited Upside, Episode 25: We know Karl-Anthony Towns is great. What other rookies could be too?

Since we're spending this week celebrating the great 2015 rookie class, I could think of no better guest for this week's episode than Jonathan Tjarks, a contributor to Real GM and the writer of the excellent Pattern of Basketball blog. In this 40-minute conversation, we run through the big themes this group represents, dive deeper on specific players and reveal some of our sleepers.

Among the topics discussed:

  • The importance of judging a college player's context when evaluating them, which explains the rise of unproductive college players like Devin Booker and Myles Turner.
  • Just how good is Karl-Anthony Towns? Is he better than Anthony Davis?
  • Why did 10 teams (well, not 10, but a lot) miss on Myles Turner?
  • The depth and versatility of this year's big man class in general.
  • Stanley Johnson or Justise Winslow?
  • Our favorite players in this year's class. Jonathan capes for Trey Lyles in Utah, as well as a couple deeper sleepers that haven't received a chance to shine.
  • Why Jonathan is a little worried about Emmanuel Mudiay
Also, send Ben your best wishes for a speedy return to health! He'll be back next week.

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