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Jim Harbaugh says his rulebook knowledge enables him to find advantages

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John Harbaugh said other coaches wish they had thought of Harbaugh's ideas first.

Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Jim Harbaugh is outstanding at ruffling the feathers of his fellow coaches. He made SEC coaches angry for hosting satellite camps in SEC territory, and one-upped that by calling out his critics while at IMG Academy in FloridaHe's not shy about firing back at fellow coaches.

Harbaugh doesn't apologize for his actions, because there isn't anything to apologize for, at least according to the rule books. That knowledge of the rules is what Harbaugh says makes him successful. From a Harbaugh family trifecta coaching clinic:

John Harbaugh, the coach of the Baltimore Ravens, seemed to agree, saying the criticism is just sour grapes.

Harbaugh is intense, and he works with similarly intense people.

Just know, SEC coaches, if you want to hold a satellite camp in Michigan, Harbaugh won't whine.

The clinic had more bits of advice from the coaching family. That includes the origin of Jim's favorite phrase, from his father, Jack:

Jim also has some other sports opinions that are sure to ruffle feathers somewhere:

And, of course, Harbaugh wouldn't be Harbaugh if he weren't unrepentant: