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This absurd high school basketball final had 5 buzzer beaters in 4 quarters

You think high school basketball is just like all other types of basketball? Hahahahaha no you've never been more wrong.

Take the Ohio championship game. Garfield Heights beat St. Ignatius, 70-69, in double overtime in the Division I regional final, and ALL FOUR QUARTERS ended with a buzzer beater. High school basketball is actually deranged.

First quarter

Great start. This is what we wanted. The shooter, Ryan Berger, had missed the last game with a sprained ankle but played through it anyway.

Second quarter

This is really tough shot from Marreon Jackson, even if it's the only one inside the arc.

Third quarter

These are the same two kids, first Jackson with a three then Berger AGAIN from beyond half court. Never play this kid in HORSE.

Fourth quarter

One more! This three sent the game to overtime, which still wasn't enough to determine a winner. Somehow, neither the first nor second extra periods had buzzer beaters, but you know what? This has satisfied my buzzer beater cravings. I'm good. March Madness is right around the corner, so let's not overdo it. There's more coming.

(h/t Deadspin)