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76ers fans chant 'Trust the process' and 'We've got draft picks' while getting blown out by the Nets

Philly fans are getting creative.

Philadelphia 76ers fans haven't had much to cheer about the past few years. At 9-57, wins have been few and far between. So don't blame 76ers fans when they find something to cheer about, even if it seems a little childish and they traveled all the way to Brooklyn to do so.

The Brooklyn Nets jumped out to a 32-15 first quarter lead over the 76ers on Tuesday, but were still taunted by 76ers fans that made the trip for the game. The Nets, you see, don't have a draft pick in the 2016 NBA Draft -- they traded away the pick in the deal that landed them Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

In fact, 76ers fans should be bragging and chanting about their draft pick situation. It's light years ahead of the Nets'.

Nets/Sixers picks

76ers fans didn't stop there, they started a "Trust the Process" chant at the game, too.

This one, admittedly, makes a little less sense. The 76ers have been "trusting the process" for years now, and have won a total of 46 games over the past three seasons. Draft picks are nice, but wins would be, too.


76ers coach Brett Brown made a point to visit the fans who made the trip up to Brooklyn. Gotta respect that.