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Peyton Manning to get statue, jersey retired from Colts

People will be able to leave beers on Peyton Manning's statue. Or something.

The Indianapolis Colts will put up a statue of recently retired quarterback Peyton Manning, the team announced during a ceremony celebrating their former quarterback on Friday. Manning, who spent 14 years with the Colts organization, will get a statue outside Lucas Oil Stadium where the Colts play home games.

"It will be a destination for people to leave cans of Budweiser or notes for you," team owner Jim Irsay said while looking at Manning, via the Denver Post. "We couldn't be more excited about the statue. It's not too often you build statues for people, particularly in their lifetime, but we're really excited about putting this iconic statue outside of Lucas Oil Stadium, where it will stand for many, many years."

Top scientists within SB Nation have constructed a frame of what the statue might look like as described by Irsay:

In addition to the statue, the Colts will retire Manning's No. 18 jersey, which was always expected given his impact on the franchise. Manning is probably the best player to ever wear a Colts uniform and is certainly one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game.

Manning isn't retiring as a Colts player specifically, nor is he retiring as a Denver Broncos player after winning a Super Bowl with them in February. He's simply retiring "as a player from the University of Tennessee that played for the Colts and the Broncos."

After taking home his second Super Bowl ring and first with the Broncos, Manning announced his retirement in Denver on March 7. Though he spent far less time with Denver, it's clear that organization means about as much to him as the Colts do, but it's hard to beat a statue.

Manning retired with a pair of Super Bowl rings, a Super Bowl MVP award, five NFL MVP awards, 14 Pro Bowls to his name and 10 All-Pro nominations.