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After being embarrassed by a small child, Kristaps Porzingis redeems himself against Darren Rovell

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There are highs and lows in every NBA player's rookie season. Here, you are about to see Kristaps Porzingis reach his highest and lowest point just minutes apart from each other.

First, humiliation

A small child just roasted him. A small child wearing number 00, which might be the worst number in the NBA. Wanna know which NBA greats have worn 00? The best player might be O.J. Mayo. Other people include Benoit Benjamin and Kevin Duckworth. Who are those people? I have no idea. But this kid's wearing their number, so even if he made the NBA sometime in his future, he's destined to be a scrub.

If that wasn't bad enough, the kid goes THROUGH his legs, finishes over Porzingis who is trying to block the shot, and dabs on him. WOOF.

And then, redemption

We've all wanted to do this to smarmy ESPN reporter Darren Rovell at some point or another. You're forgiven.