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Our 10 favorite things about this year's NFL coaches photo

What the heck is Jeff Fisher even doing?

This week is the annual NFL owners meeting in Boca Raton, Fla., and that means we get to experience the genuine pleasure of breaking down our very favorite things about this photo of the league's head coaches. Or, at least, 28 of the NFL's coaches.

1. The best thing about this photo, and it isn't close, is whatever Jeff Fisher is doing in the front row. We don't know where Fisher's hand is, and we're frankly not sure that's any of our business.

2. Is Vladimir Putin standing in for Dolphins coach Adam Gase in this photo?

3. You know who doesn't have prime seating right in the center? Former Eagles coach Chip Kelly. We catch your drift, Eagles.

4. Most of the coaches are sporting dad outfits in this photo, but Mike Zimmer and his dad jeans take the prize.

5. Dan Quinn and Gus Bradley look like the same person standing in two different spots. Quinn, clearly, is the evil twin of this situation.

6. Bill Belichick, who notably wore flip flops in last year's photo, is conspicuously absent. Perhaps he's trying to blend in with the college students at some pro day? Maybe he's spending time with his pal Kid Rock?

Two of these people have lived in Detroit! Hint : I'm not one of them!

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7. Also absent is Andy Reid, who set the tone for last year's picture in a super-chill Hawaiian shirt. Reid has a good reason for missing this year's photo: he's recovering from offseason knee surgery. Jason Garrett and Sean Payton are also MIA, for reasons unknown (best guess: Fight Club).

8. Jim Caldwell is just as animated as he usually is on the sideline.

9. We're just going to assume that Mike McCarthy's beard is an homage to Brett Favre.

10. Rex Ryan really set the tone for formality by donning his fanciest Bills polo.