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If the Pistons make the playoffs, this Andre Drummond game-winning tip-in could be a big reason why

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Game winner!

The Detroit Pistons trailed by as many as 17 points against the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday. With their playoff hopes on the line, however, they battled back and trailed by just one after Jerryd Bayless missed two free throws with 9.6 seconds left. That's when Andre Drummond became the hero.

The Pistons won 92-91 to move to 37-34 -- a huge win as they battle the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards for the eighth and final playoff spot.

Both the Bulls and Wizards won on Tuesday night, too. If the season ended today, the Bulls (36-33) would be the eighth seed and the Wizards (35-35) would be 1.5 games out.

The Drummond tip-in not only saved the game, it might have saved the season for the Pistons.