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John Harbaugh is FIRED UP about expanding replay in the NFL

The Ravens coach was telling anyone who would listen, and a few more, about the need to make ALL plays reviewable on Tuesday morning. Harbs' filibuster and other highlights from the AFC coaches breakfast.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings from sunny Florida ... though I haven't actually seen the sun on what appears to be an otherwise fine day. No, the NFL media types have been sequestered in a hotel ballroom since 6:30 a.m. ahead of their hour-long breakfast meeting with the AFC head coaches.

We'll have more from the NFL's annual meetings, but here are a few highlights from Tuesday's pow wow over runny eggs and stale carbohydrates.

1. Split opinions on reviewable plays

It felt like John Harbaugh fell out of a George Caleb Bingham painting, delivering an 1800s-style stump speech about a list of proposed rule changes. He filibustered over the suggestion to make all plays reviewable, swatting away concerns that it would lengthen games. The Ravens coach claimed that five games last season were determined by non-reviewable calls.

Two tables overs and one up, Harbaugh's AFC North counterpart from Pittsburgh would have none of it. Mike Tomlin called instant replay a "band-aid" that had bleed far past its original intention of making sure officials got critical calls correct. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis added that was against giving coaches the ability to challenge all penalties.

2. Bill Belichick has better things to do

But you knew that already. After some effusive praise for retiring linebacker Jared Mayo, Belichick went monosyllabic, grunting his way through the rest of the press conference. You feel sorry for the guy, a little bit anyway, because he's surrounded by reporters and cameras two layers deep more than an hour before he even gets to his designated table.

I asked what effect the proposal to put touchbacks at the 25-yard line might have. Normally eager to talk about kicking, the Patriots coach just said "I don't know." I already knew that.

"Bobby's a great guy," Belichick said of his recent time with Kid Rock.

He did answer an important question about who the greatest long snapper ever to play the game was. "[Steve] DeOssie changed the game."

3. "The erosion of coaching ..."

No, Marvin Lewis was not talking about the Shanahans, he was actually talking about football coaches at the lower levels of the game, in response to a question about Ivy League schools no longer tackling. It sounds like a hot take, but he was really referring to it more in the sense of teaching players the fundamentals, especially proper tackling and the physical aspects of the game.

4. The Browns are looking for a quarterback

The sun rises, and then it sets. Cleveland entertained RG3 in recent days, and head coach Hue Jackson was still impressed with him. Jackson acknowledged that Griffin still has work to do to get to the level he's capable of playing at, the level we got a glimpse of during his rookie season. Maybe more telling was that Jackson said Griffin took the blame for the way his time in Washington ended.

Jared Goff, Carson Wentz and every other quarterback in the draft is also a possibility. The Browns head coach is going to meet with Wentz soon. He said his time with Goff recently was positive, as well, even breaking out the timeless "gym rat" and "comes early, stays late" prospect evaluation chestnuts.

5. Bill O'Brien is super positive about everyone

He raved about Brock Osweiler's toughness and accuracy, even pointing to the hits he took in a game against the Raiders last season and still complete 35-of-51 pass attempts in the 12-15 loss. O'Brien had clearly done his scouting homework on Osweiler, which is a good thing since he revealed that he hadn't actually met him until AFTER he signed the $72 million deal.

Someone asked about Allen Robinson, the Jaguars receiver he coached while he was at Penn State. The Texans coach admitted that there really wasn't much you could do to defend his former pupil.

* * *

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