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The 49ers, Eagles and at least 2 more teams want the No. 1 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft

And according to the latest rumors, it might not cost that much to get.

Four teams are interested in trading up for the No. 1 pick in the draft. The Browns, Eagles, Rams and 49ers are all reportedly candidates to swing a deal for the top pick, which might not cost as much as you think. Could that No. 1 pick be Carson Wentz, who was very impressive at North Dakota State's pro day?

SEC HAS MORE SWAY: Georgia law could cost Atlanta a Super Bowl, but losing the SEC would cost even more. The Southeastern Conference has even more power to impact the controversial law than the NFL does.

DENIAL: No one's ready to accept that Calvin Johnson retired. It's just too hard to imagine the NFL without him.

WOMEN IN THE NFLKatie Blackburn: The NFL’s most powerful woman. Katie Blackburn prefers to operate behind the scenes in Cincinnati, but her impact on the league has been impossible to miss

OLD FACES, NEW PLACESThe five NFL free agent signings who will benefit most from the change of scenery. Mario Williams and Bruce Irvin could shine in their new systems.

RIP KEVIN TURNERKevin Turner, former Eagles player, passes away after battle with ALS. Some sad news as the game loses one of its greats and a tireless advocate for players off the field. He was only 46.

HE'LL BE THERE: Justin Houston isn't going to miss the 2016 season. Not according to a meme he shared anyway.

DISRESPECTEDDeAngelo Williams feels disrespected. Someone dared suggest that a pair of running backs OTHER than the Steelers' duo could be the best.

DEAL OR NO DEAL? Colin Kaepernick might stick around with the 49ers after all. Remember when the Broncos were close to swinging a deal for Kaep? Those days appear to be over.


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It won't be easy, but RG3 can revive his career with the Browns. Being a Browns quarterback isn't exactly winning the lottery. However, the chance to work with Hue Jackson and get a fresh start in Cleveland might just be perfect for RG3.

Take a closer look at RG3's film. Griffin has never recaptured the magic he showed as a rookie, but there was still plenty to like about his tape from 2014, an 85.3 accuracy percentage is one of them.

Jimmy Haslam is still involved in the Browns' personnel decisions. Maybe the Browns should get the hint that the image of Haslam's involvement in the football side of things isn't exactly a net plus for them anymore.