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Buddy Hield shot Oklahoma into the Final Four

Oklahoma is headed to the Final Four for the first time since 2002 and Buddy Hield is the man responsible for it. The back-to-back Big 12 Player of the Year rained down jumper after jumper on Oregon, easily dropping the No. 1 seed in an Elite Eight route.

Hield finished with 37 points on 13-of-20 shooting with eight three-pointers. Hold up, let's rewind that: 37 points on 20 shots, yes, that's right. For the tournament, Hield now has 19 threes in this tournament, putting him in striking distance of Glen Rice's record (27). Hield is also the first player to score at least 100 points while hitting 19 threes before the Final Four since Stephen Curry in 2008, which will only further fuel comparisons between the two ridiculous shooters. College basketball has seen many great scorers, but almost never do they advance this far. Buddy has.

So yeah, this is incredible to watch. Hield isn't just leading Oklahoma past teams, but eviscerating them with a blindingly quick release and lethal scoring touch. He'll hit shots early to set the tone and nail jumpers late to put the game away. He has a track record with game winners, too. So far, this is Hield's tournament.

He kicked off the scoring against Oregon with this jumper.

And then closed the half with this absurd triple.

Surely you didn't think Buddy was done, though, right? This stepback was filthy.

And this shot sealed it for Oklahoma.

Buddy forever.

* * *

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