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UNC's Theo Pinson finally got invited to a press conference and was SO HAPPY

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1. Make the Final Four. 2. Get invited to a press conference.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

During March Madness, some players on every team have to participate in mandatory press conferences on practice days and after games. For most players, it's a drag. But for UNC's Theo Pinson, it was all he wanted. Pinson comes off the bench for the Tar Heels, and before the team's Elite Eight game, he was so upset to be excluded from the team press conference that he crashed it.

Pinson made several big plays in Sunday night's win that got the Tar Heels into the Elite Eight, including two key offensive rebounds in the game's closing minutes. Sure, he wasn't one of the top five scorers on the team, but after making it clear he realllllly wanted to be in the press conference, he got a seat. AND HE WAS THRILLED!

Congrats, Theo. You're going to the Final Four, and everybody wants to interview you. And it's not quite clear which one of those things made you happiest.

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