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Betting $100 on Syracuse in January could make a person $100,000

If you believed in Syracuse back in January then be warned: You're about to kick yourself for not placing a bet. Westgate Superbook in Las Vegas has four total bets on the Orange winning the National Championship dating back to the beginning of this year including a $100 bet that, wait for it, will win $100,100.

The odds back in January were a staggering 1,000-1 to win it all. Now Syracuse is in the Final Four. It's important to remember just how bad things were for Syracuse earlier this year. The team had a four game losing streak in the ACC, including embarrassing losses to Pitt and Clemson. There was infighting between Jim Boeheim and Tyler Roberson, and generally the team looked like a mess.

Then it all came together -- quickly. Now the team is on the precipice of a pushing for a championship, and potentially $100,000 for one lucky bettor.

h/t ESPN