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WNBA unveils new all-color uniform design to celebrate its 20th anniversary

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The league is getting rid of the traditional designation of having white home and colored away jerseys.

In honor of its 20th birthday the WNBA is releasing new uniform colors for 10 of its 12 teams, the league announced on Monday. The Adidas-produced uniforms will replace both the home and away jerseys currently worn by every league team except the Los Angeles Sparks and San Antonio Stars, who already feature all-color uniform designs.

The WNBA becomes the first major American professional sports league to completely do away with the normal practice of having white home uniforms and color away jerseys.

All uniforms will contain a special 20th anniversary logo on the back of the jerseys. The three original teams still in the league -- the Sparks, New York Liberty and Phoenix Mercury -- will don a special jersey patch, as well. The league will also use a new ball this season, which will contain a special 20th anniversary logo.

Every WNBA team except for San Antonio and Connecticut -- who have their own sponsors -- will carry on-jersey advertisement for Verizon.

The WNBA season tips off on May 14.