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Watch 1 of the best plays in League of Legends history from the players' point of view

Fnatic released an awesome video of xPeke's famous backdoor against SK Gaming at IEM Karowice.

IEM Katowice is this weekend, which makes it the perfect time to remember one of the best plays in competitive League of Legends history.

Back at the 2013 IEM Katowice event, Fnatic beat SK Gaming in an absolutely bonkers game. With its backs against the wall and no Nexus towers remaining, SK won a fight 2-0, seemingly extending its chances to win.

But xPeke's Kassadin snuck into the base and managed to dart around Kev1n's Olaf, taking down the Nexus and winning the game with a dramatic backdoor.

Fnatic posted a point of view video of the play on its Facebook page Thursday. xPeke is the player all the way on the right in the video.

Fnatic POV: xPeke Backdoor

We have a special throwback this Thursday.. Watch the famous Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño-Martinez backdoor like you've never seen before.

Posted by Fnatic on Thursday, March 3, 2016

Fnatic will participate in this weekend's tournament in IEM Katowice, as will Origen, the team xPeke left Fnatic to establish.