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Limited Upside, Episode 24: Why are LeBron James' Cavaliers such a bummer?

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We discuss the latest drama in Cleveland and try to figure out why the NBA's third-best team seems to have no chemistry or cohesion.

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It's been a weird week in Cleveland. They've taken a lull in the schedule and dialed up the controversy with cryptic LeBron James tweets, odd reports of Kyrie Irving's unhappiness and public laments that they don't have Kendrick Perkins anymore. January's surprising decision to fire David Blatt and hire Tyronn Lue clearly hasn't improved team morale or performance. The Cavaliers have a gaudy record, but they don't seem to vibe and they're heading in the wrong direction.

In this week's episode, we discuss:

  • Why does this team seem so joyless?
  • Who exactly is the target of LeBron James' tweets?
  • Should we blame LeBron for creating such a tense environment? Why does he seem so antsy and grumpy this year? Is he too much of a micromanager?
  • Is LeBron coming to terms with his own basketball mortality? Can he properly delegate his many responsibilities?
  • What's actually shaky on the court? Is it Kyrie? Love? LeBron, even?
  • Say the Cavaliers fail to win the title as expected. What do they do next? Could LeBron push to trade for his friends?

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