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The Knicks' offense was fine until it imploded into a bajillion pieces in the final minute

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The Knicks did it again :(

The Knicks scored 104 points on 46 percent shooting Friday, but still lost to the Boston Celtics 105-104 with some of the worst offense we've ever seen in the final minute.

What is Jose Calderon doing? Why did the Knicks end up with a Robin Lopez desperation hook shot!? Is it normal for red stuff to come out of my eyes, oh wait never mind it's just blood.

With three seconds left, the Knicks are in a tough situation. But three seconds is a lot of time! It looks like Arron Afflalo comes free at the last second had Carmelo Anthony passed it, although perhaps there wasn't enough time. The real problem is that the Knicks ran a play that involved Anthony catching it 30-plus feet from the hoop with his back to the basket. Everyone in the building knew that was what would happen. Maybe try the player who came 0.00001 second away from winning a game earlier this year?

The poor, sad, lowly Knicks. Everything goes right until it doesn't.