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Kobe Bryant told the Lakers to 'beat the s***' out of the Warriors and they did

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From the box score perspective, Kobe Bryant's contributions to the Los Angeles Lakers' stunning upset win over the Golden State Warriors on Sunday were small: 12 points and three assists on 4-of-14 shooting. But in a new development, the real reason behind the Lakers' 112-95 win has been revealed, and we're crediting Bryant with it entirely.

Mamba mentoring beat the shit out of them @houseofhighlights @bleacherreport #lakers #houseofhiglights #bleacherreport

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When Kobe speaks, you listen. If he tells you to beat the s*** out of another team, you'd best get right on that. No wonder the Lakers won. The whole it-was-Saturday-night-in-Los-Angeles-with-an-early-game-the-next-day theory made sense at the time, but the real reason was sitting in the Lakers huddle the whole time.

(h/t houseofhighlights)