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League of Legends players honored with giant underwater reef shaped like Nautilus

The League of Legends community has helped create something awesome. The "Nautilus Project" is now a reality. In 2015 Riot held a contest on the Oceania servers that awarded players in the region points for competing in a variety of game types to raise awareness for Ocean Week 2015. Now we're seeing the fruit of those labors.

Over the weekend Riot unveiled a giant artificial reef shaped like Nautilus with plaques acknowledging the 42,006 players who helped make it a reality. The statue was put in the ocean off the coast of Moreton Bay in Australia as part of the Moreton Bay Artificial Reef project. Over time it will become home to thousands of animals and a permanent reminder of the players who made it possible.

This is all very cool, and it's going to be fascinating thousands of years from now when advanced civilizations uncover this statue and wonder whether it was a god worshiped by people in the 21st century.