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Prince had the coolest, best Super Bowl halftime show ever

When Prince played the Super Bowl, it showed us that music and individuality can trump a thunderous rainstorm, the world's largest and most powerful sports league, or whatever else you want it to.

Nick Laham/Getty Images

Prince died today, and the world is a worse place because of it. But there's a trick to temporarily make the world a slightly better place: it's called "listening to Prince," and we should all do it most days, including today.

Since this is a sports website, we're going to listen to Prince's Super Bowl halftime show, the coolest and best of all time:

A recent NFL video explained some of the backstory to why Prince's performance was so amazing. It had never rained for a Super Bowl before, but for this one it absolutely poured. No preparations were made for rain, so Prince was performing with live electric guitars while his dancers wore eight-inch heels on a slippery stage. It was still incredible.

Most Super Bowl halftime performers have backing bands who are pretending to play instruments. Prince played several live guitars during the performance. Most Super Bowl performers play a quick medley of their most popular hits. Prince played other people's songs as well as his own. It wasn't about what he was supposed to do. It was just about making amazing music.