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Stephen Curry misses second half of Game 4 after awkward first half fall

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This is very worrisome for Warriors and NBA fans.

After an awkward fall right as the first half came to a close, Stephen Curry did not start the second half of Game 4 for the Warriors and was later ruled out. Right as the buzzer sounded, Curry seemed to slip on a wet spot on the court, collapsing awkwardly and grabbing at his right knee before getting up under his own power and jogging to the locker room.

Curry came out at halftime to warm up, but quickly returned to the locker room with Shaun Livingston starting the half in his place. Steve Kerr said the injury was a right knee sprain after Curry's slip, rather than another ankle injury. While running out to the court after halftime, cameras caught Curry pulling up hobbled.

As he headed back to the locker room after attempting to warm up, Curry was visibly dejected.

Curry missed Games 2 and 3 with a right ankle injury suffered in the first half of Game 1. The Warriors currently hold a 2-1 series lead over the Houston Rockets in the first round matchup after winning Games 1 and 2.

All the talk leading into Game 4 was that Curry would be ready to play after Curry played well in practices leading up to the game. The Warriors were very clear that they were taking a cautious approach with Curry after severe ankle problems limited him early in his career, but there were no signs that Curry was rushing back coming into the game. We'll have more information about the injury as soon as it's available.

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