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Pretty Good, episode 7: 'I Wish Everyone Else Was Dead'

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The Bush administration loved 24, the saddest, most violent show network television had ever seen. Jack Bauer was their guy. Jack Bauer was the most miserable human being who has ever lived. This is the seventh episode of Pretty Good, a show about stories that are pretty good.

Pretty Good is written, produced, edited, animated, illustrated, researched, etc., etc., by Jon Bois.

Special thanks to Wiki 24, an almost unbelievably exhaustive source of '24' info. There's an entry for 2Pac because a 2Pac poster was briefly shown hanging on a wall one time! It's really something.

Special thanks also to:

Spencer Hall
Elena Bergeron
Brian Floyd
Shane Burke
Samantha Mason

Previously in this season of Pretty Good:

THE DUMBEST BOY ALIVE. Some folks on a bodybuilding message board spend hundreds of posts arguing over how many days there are in a week.

"NO!!!!!!!!" Multi-lateral trick plays are attempted on a regular basis in the NFL. Once, and only once, it resulted in a touchdown. But since it's football, it can never be that simple.