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The Dolphins traded for their own pick, and it’ll make your head hurt

The Vikings somehow got the Dolphins to trade for their own pick. Unraveling what happened will blow your mind.

It's late on Day 3 of the NFL Draft. It's OK if you're feeling a little bit loopy -- we're all a little bit loopy after what is going on 10-plus hours of draft picks of players you've never heard of, obtuse stories about prospects that you'll never remember and endless trades.

So it's OK if you questioned something you thought you saw late in the sixth round. Your eyes didn't deceiver you: The Miami Dolphins trade for the very same pick they had traded away to the Minnesota Vikings earlier in the draft. This is what it looks like in our NFL Draft tracker:

good trade

Here's what happened: Late Friday night, the Dolphins made a deal with the Vikings to move up to No. 86 overall and select wide receiver Leonte Carroo, giving the Vikings their No. 186 overall pick and two 2017 mid-round picks in exchange. When the 186th pick approached, however, the Vikings decided they'd rather move it and gave it back to the Dolphins for Miami's 196th and 227th overall picks. The Dolphins selected Texas Tech wide receiver Jakeem Grant.

The Vikings then moved quickly again, moving up to 188th overall by giving the Philadelphia Eagles the 196th overall pick they got from the Dolphins along with the 240th pick.

In sum, the Vikings gained two 2017 picks for moving back two spots in the sixth round and moving up 13 spots in the seventh round. The Dolphins, meanwhile, got two very good receivers.

If your head still hurts, just watch Grant box jump over his entire body and it'll all be better.