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Bryce Harper wears 'MAKE BASEBALL FUN AGAIN' hat

The next time Bryce Harper is involved in a rally, there might be violence and/or protests. That's just what he wants.

Bryce Harper, if you'll remember, recently made headlines for saying that baseball needs more Cam Newton-types to make the sport exciting for the youngsters. This displeased the non-youngsters in the world, who like to yell at clouds and remember the way things used to be.

That was that. Everyone forgot about it.

Then Bryce Harper apparently had this hat commissioned and/or sent to him.

This is Bryce Harper in a Donald Trump-styled "Make Baseball Fun Again" hat. He has become self aware. He is now actively courting his own meeeems, and we should encourage this.

Make baseball fun again. It's so simple, so beautiful. Won't you join Bryce Harper's simple crusade?