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The NFL finally embraces character limits

Terrible 'Thursday Night Football' games are coming to Twitter! Prepare the Crying Jordans.

Twitter reportedly won the bid to stream the NFL's Thursday Night Football games. Twitter Inc., making a strategic push into online programming, won a deal to show Thursday night National Football League games online, a person familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.

Twitter got a steal on it, paying less than $10 million for the package of 10 games. According to Re/Code, other outlets bid more than $15 million for the package, and Yahoo! spent an estimated $20 million to stream the league's three London games last season.

However many millions of dollars they did pay, the company's execs have to see the deal as an opportunity to pump some life into its sagging fortunes. The platform has struggled to attract new users and maintain engagement levels among its 320 million users, while being outpaced by platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

For the NFL, one lure was the chance to reach a younger audience, one rarely mentioned concerned that's something of a red flag for the league's long-term growth potential.


FACEBOOK DIDN'T WANT THE NFL'S COMMERCIALSFacebook withdrew its bid to stream Thursday NFL games over commercials. The NFL wanted the streaming version of its games to include the traditional commercials. Facebook did not want the its streaming version of the games to use the old model, and pulled out of the deal late last week. Amazon, Verizon and Yahoo! were also reportedly bidding on the rights to stream the games.

MORE BAD FOOTBALL TO STREAM: Roger Goodell promises more bad football games in January. That right, playoff expansion is coming! The commissioner said so, and probably just in time to stream some awful form of Thursday Night Football on Twitter.


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