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7 incredible stats from UConn's historic 4th-straight championship

No NCAA women's basketball program has ever won four consecutive championships until UConn on Tuesday.

UConn's women's basketball team needs a word stronger than "dominant" to describe them. They just win, throttling their opponents no matter who it is. On Tuesday, UConn won again, beating Syracuse 82-51 in the NCAA Championship Game after a nearly flawless tournament run.

Just seeing the final score doesn't do this incredible team justice. Here's the most ridiculous stats that came from Tuesday and from UConn's crazy run in general.

1. Their chances to win were better than 99 percent in the first quarter

2. They had the first 50-point half in a championship game in nearly 20 years

3. To win $10 on UConn's win, you had to bet $700

4. UConn's now won 122 of their last 123 games

5. UConn trailed for one minute and 44 seconds this tournament

C'mon. That's insane.

6. How many women's teams have won four straight championships? None.

7. And this is 11 championships in UConn history

What the Huskies are doing is historic and incredible and absurd all at once. Really, Maya Moore's reaction sums it up.

Congrats, UConn!