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Morning Skate: Bidding a fond farewell to NHL folk hero John Scott

We may have seen the last of the All-Star Game sensation.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

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Lace 'em up. Time for the Morning Skate.

* * *


We bid a fond farewell to two parties on Tuesday. One was the underdog story of the season, coming out of nowhere to take down the establishment and win the hearts of a nation at the same time.

The other one was the Colorado Avalanche.

But back to them in a second. They, like most of the league, took a backseat on Tuesday to the return of John Scott. You might remember him as the Hero of the All-Star Game and the bane of NHL online voting everywhere. We haven't heard much from Scott since the Canadiens sent him down to the AHL (you know, aside from that whole Hollywood thing), but he made his latest NHL appearance on Tuesday.

Montreal essentially called him up as a gesture of goodwill for the drama he went through this season. And now that his one-game stint is over, it sounds like he might be calling it a career.

Go back four years ago and tell Scott this is the season he'd end his career on. At that time he wouldn't have believed you (who would?) but he'd gladly take it.

There are obviously those who still harbor ill will towards Scott for his various questionable hits over the years. That's understandable. But rarely do reviled public figures (especially in sports) get the chance to redeem their image like Scott did.

The whole All-Star Game saga was random, heart-warming and fun. All the things the NHL lacks so often. Who would've thought it would take John Scott to show them that?