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Pirates pitcher carted off field after being hit in the face by a pitch

Ryan Vogelsong was taken to the hospital afterward, but he is expected to be OK and the Pirates will issue an update in the morning.

Update: Ryan Vogelsong has an injury to the left eye itself and the orbital bone surrounding the eye, Pirates trainer Todd Tomczyk said. (Via Travis Sawchik, Pittsburgh Tribute-Review)

According to a tweet from Vogelsong's wife, Nicole, he is "stable" and "will be OK." She indicated in the tweet that the Pirates will issue an update in the morning.

Original: This is not good. The Pirates' starting pitcher Ryan Vogelsong took a pitch to the face during a bases-loaded at-bat in the second inning against the Rockies, and had to be carted off the field. He's been taken to a nearby hospital for further evaluation.

The pitch got away from Rockies' Jordan Lyles and hit Vogelsong on his left cheekbone just inside the ear protection portion of his batting helmet. The pictures are, uh, not pretty. He immediately collapsed, holding his face as trainers came rushing out to attend to him.

Vogelsong was able to sit up and get on a cart before emergency crews placed him on a stretcher off the field for transport via ambulance. Hopefully there are no broken bones but those kinds of hits rarely result in good news.

Lyles escaped the bases-loaded jam on a 6-3 double play started by Trevor Story. The Pirates weren't so lucky in that they had to rush reliever Wilfredo Boscan into duty.

The game had only just gotten underway, but Vogelsong had already had to work out of a two-on jam in the first after he gave up a leadoff double to Charlie Blackmon. He managed to wiggle out of it despite giving up a two-out single that put Blackmon at third, and the Pirates went into the third with a 2-0 lead.