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Stephen Curry prepared for his must-win Game 7 by singing and dancing to an old viral video

When it comes to preparing for a critical must-win Game 7 in the Western conference, Stephen Curry's desires are ... unconventional. Some players listen to their most on-point warm-up music, others choose to sit alone in silence to prepare themselves mentally -- Steph dances with arena employees to the tune of a 7-year-old viral video.

We don't blame you if you haven't heard "Jones BBQ and foot massage," because it's from 2009 -- which might as well be 150 in internet years.

The whole thing is pure joy distilled, well, like a good barbecue sauce. This should have been a moment where the NBA's MVP would be feeling the pressure of performing at home against a team that gave him problems all series, but no. Steph stayed loose, danced his way onto the court, then obliterated the Thunder to the tune of 36 points and eight assists.

So, remember, as you set foot in the gym or go for that long run you have planned after work: You don't always need the perfect motivation song, sometimes you just need an old viral video.

UPDATE: Steph went back to the well before Game 1 against the Cavs.