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A Buffalo minor league team is having a surprisingly great DeflateGate-themed night

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The minor league promotional night. It's a tradition, a staple and, if you're a Buffalo Bisons fan, an opportunity to be a hardcore hater for a night. On June 11 the Triple-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays is holding a night where all things Tom Brady are mocked. Perfect for the Buffalo Bills fan in your life.

We see a lot of these MiLB promotional nights and many of them are ho-hum, but credit to the Bisons for really pushing their conceit to the limit. Here's what you can expect at the game:

  • Buy-one, get-one free tickets to anyone who brings an inflated football (these will be donated).
  • A receptacle for un-destroyed cell phones to be donated to "Cell Phones for Soldiers."
  • A 12.5 percent discount for adding to the fireworks display. Note: 12.5 is the PSI minimum for NFL footballs.
  • Scoreboard display featuring sports' greatest cheaters.
  • And finally, the best one by far: Anyone named "Tom" or "Brady" will be allowed in for free BUT you are suspended from watching the first four innings of the game.

It's cold Bisons, but this is some ingenuity.