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'FIFA 17' is adding a MyCareer mode like 'NBA 2K'

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EA Sports is taking a leaf out of NBA 2K’s book with a new-look career mode centered on one player. FIFA 17’s "The Journey" will presumably be announced at the company's E3 press conference on Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles.

Focusing on Alex Hunter, it’s unclear whether players will create their own star or use a preexisting one. Given the large amount of personalized dialog in the cutscenes it’s hard to see this being like the typical "Be a pro" mode, and likely closer to the "MyCareer" mode which was penned by Spike Lee in NBA 2K16.

Honestly, this looks really good. "Be a pro" modes are where a lot of players spend time, but there’s often almost no storytelling involved. Capturing the drama of Premier League soccer is something that will be really fun to dive into.