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J.J. Watt surprised the Mexican national soccer team and one player absolutely lost it

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This is your feel-good sports video to kick off Monday. J.J. Watt surprised the Mexican national soccer team ahead of Mexico’s game against Venezuela in Houston on Monday, and the reaction is nothing short of beautiful.

The team was on the Texans’ practice field goofing around with a football when Watt walked in from the side. As soon as they realized it, the team turned into a bunch of screaming teens, mobbing Watt like it was a Justin Bieber concert.

Special shout out to Javier Hernández, who absolutely lost it meeting Watt. It was totally adorable.

The two spent some time chatting before Watt gave him a signed jersey. Hernández told him that he would save his jersey from the game and give it to Watt. The Texans will play in Mexico City this year, and Watt made sure Hernández would be there.

New sports BFFs? We approve.