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Fletcher Cox is going to make some defensive linemen a lot richer

The Eagles and Cox agreed to a six-year, $103 million* deal that's going to give some of his peers more muscle in their own contract talks.

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The Eagles and Fletcher Cox finally got a deal done, a contract extension that they've reportedly been close to since early March. The six-year, $103 million deal was certainly worth the wait for Cox, a four-year veteran who ranks as one of the five best defensive linemen in the NFL.

With NFL contracts, numbers are never quite what they seem. Adam Schefter reported that Cox's deal includes $63 million guaranteed, but that's over the full six years. It's unheard of for a player to play out his full contract without either reworking it or getting cut before it reaches its full term.

Cox is guaranteed $36.299 million just for signing the deal. That includes a $26 million signing bonus and a $1.299 million base salary this year. In 2017, he has a fully guaranteed option bonus of $6 million and a $3 million base salary according to Pro Football Talk, which broke down the details.

The guaranteed money jumps to $55.549 million if he's still on the roster in March 2017, which he probably will be. His $11.8 million base salary for 2018 is guaranteed for injury, like if he gets hurt, and it becomes fully guaranteed next March. He has a $15.6 million base salary for 2019, but only $7.75 million is guaranteed in March 2017. The rest of it becomes fully guaranteed in March 2018.

His base salaries over the last three seasons of the deal -- $12.9 million (2020), $15 million (2021), $16.1 million (2022) -- and a $1 million roster bonus he's eligible for in each of those three years brings the POTENTIAL of $103 million plus. The $63 million in guaranteed money is just the money guaranteed for injury.

Another fine example of why NFL contracts are so damn confusing to talk about.


If your head is still spinning from the math of the deal, make it stop so you can wrap your head around the real news here: The domino effect for teams and players still trying to work out contract extensions.

VON MILLERThe deal certainly helps Von Miller in negotiations with the Broncos. With guaranteed money as much as $55 million for Cox, the Broncos superstar's got plenty of room to ask for more.

KAWANN SHORT: The Panthers defensive lineman is in the last year of his deal and just reported to camp after sitting out early OTAs, which may have had a little something to do with his desire for a contract extension. He's got a claim to a deal close to Cox's, but the Panthers reportedly aren't willing to go above an average of $15 million per season (Cox's deal averages more than $17 million per season).

MUHAMMAD WILKERSON: The standoff between the Jets and their star defensive lineman is nowhere near an end, and Wilkerson might not report to training camp.


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