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Kyrie and LeBron can't keep beating the Warriors alone ... can they?

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After the second half of Monday night's game, who even knows what's possible.Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to SB Nation on YouTube

Heading into a crucial Game 6, the Cleveland Cavs and Golden State Warriors will have to sort out the following:

• How enormous will the return of Draymond Green from suspension be, as he resumes his role as a defensive nightmare and the Warriors' most irreplaceable offensive force?

• We know LeBron is capable of stringing together impossibly dominant games, but can Kyrie Irving come near matching his otherworldly Game 5 showing?

• Where is Kevin Love? Where'd he go? Can we organize a search party or anything? Let us know.

• Will Harrison Barnes keep missing that many open looks when so much attention is paid to everyone else on the floor?

• What will (probably) playing without Andrew Bogut mean for Golden State's ability to protect the paint and rim?

• Might we be underrating Tristan Thompson and his contributions as Cleveland's lone decent player on the block as LeBron and Kyrie keep doing impossible things?

• Why can't we all just appreciate LeBron?